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Iowa Falls IA 50126 Exede Satellite Internet Authorized Retailer

Exede Satellite Internet Service in Iowa Falls IA 50126

GreenBelt Satellites is your local retailer of Exede Satellite Internet service in Iowa Falls Iowa and all of Hardin county in Central Iowa. We are Iowa Falls’ best deal in high-speed internet service. Offering the best in premium Dish services available, we’re an authorized retailer of Dish Network, DirecTV and Exede TV and internet systems. Compare our services and prices to the cable company in Iowa Falls!

Exede High Speed Satellite Internet

Its 2014 – are you still online with 1990s speeds? Exede Internet comes directly to your home from satellite, so it’s available where you live today. Now is a great time to upgrade to Exede internet, with download speeds up to 12Mbps. But order soon – these deals won’t last forever!

WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: Since Exede comes from space, you don’t have to deal with antiquated wires and cables, or outdated technology. Quite simply, Exede Internet technology is state-of-the art.

The Best Value

Check out Exede prices then compare that to your cable bill in Iowa Falls Iowa. With cable you only have the choice of one provider in your area and since they do not have to compete, their prices are higher. Exede offers very competitive national pricing. Call us and we’ll give you the very best promotional deals without trying to oversell add-ons that will rack up your bill. We’ll walk you through the different packages and receiver types and make sure you get the best value for your money.

Are you looking for honest answers to your questions without all the sales talk and high pressure?

How about service after the install? (without talking to somebody in another country). GreenBelt Satellites is locally owned and has more than 13 years of experience selling and installing both Dish Network and DirecTV. Deciding which is the best fit can be a bit confusing, so let us help you choose. In addition, GreenBelt Satellites is also selling and servicing the new satellite internet service from WildBlue called Exede through the Franklin County REC. It is high-speed internet that works through a satellite dish similar to DirecTV and Dish Network.

Iowa Falls IA 50126 Exede Satellite Internet Pricing Specials

Exede Pricing Specials

The Exede Advantage

  • Faster Downloads – Get 12 Mbps of download speed on all our plans (even on our entry-level plan)
  • Faster Uploads – 3 Mbps upload speed on all our plans. Quickly send files, share photos, video-chat with Skype™!
  • Available Now – Don’t suffer any longer with slow cable, DSL or dial-up — super-fast Exede Internet is available almost anywhere.

Why Exede?

  • Most advanced satellite Internet technology. Light years ahead of previous satellite Internet service.
  • It’s available where you are … today. Unlike other technologies that require extensive infrastructure or that may never extend to your area, Exede Internet comes directly to your home from our satellite. If you can get satellite TV, you can most likely get Exede Internet.
  • It does it all. Faster browsing, video streaming, sharing photos, video-chat, powerful email tools — it’s 240 times faster than dial-up and 4 times faster than average DSL. Exede Internet allows you to do everything you want online … only faster!
  • All plans include unmetered data. During our Late Night Free Zone, from midnight to 5 a.m., usage does not count against your monthly data plan. Download movies, music and software updates. Upload photo galleries, blog postings and videos!

Is Exede right for you?

Most typical Internet users will enjoy our service tremendously — but it’s not right for everyone. For example:

  • Gamers: The performance of some games over the Internet is very poor and some games may not work at all.
  • Heavy downloaders: Some folks these days rely on their Internet connection to stream and download all of their movies and television. If that’s you, or if you have some other reason to do a lot of uploading or downloading of large files, Exede’s data allowance caps may not work for you. For more information, check out our Plan Selector Tool, which is designed to give you more information about the data limits on our plans.

Get to know rural satellite Internet and Exede

There’s a fair amount of high-tech science and innovation behind providing Internet via satellite, but the basics are pretty simple:

  • The Internet signal is transmitted from ground stations up to our satellite.
  • The satellite transmits the Internet signal directly to a small dish mounted on your house.
  • The signal enters your home through a short cable and connects to a modem, which in turn connects to your computer or wireless router/network.

No matter what your satellite needs, we can help!

We offer dish movers, upgrades to hi-def or DVR, additional rooms, custom work, camper installs and businesses. We can do it all!

As an independant retailer, we are able to match any advertised offer.

Don’t be fooled by telemarketers or flashy flyers in the mail, they are only in it for the quick buck and that’s where their concern about you ends. We are in it for the long haul!

Go Iowa Falls – Alden (IFA) Cadets!!

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