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How to get a free upgrade to HD, DVR or Hopper

One of the biggest complaints we hear is “why do all the new customers get all the good deals?” Well Dish Network hears it too and they are responding. Dish Network is currently running a promotion called Dish it Up. It is meant for existing customers who want to add extra tv’s or upgrade to newer receivers like the Hopper and Joey system. What kind of deal we can get for you depends on how long you have been with them and how timely you’ve paid your bill. In our experience, about 80% of customer will qualify for a free upgrade if they have been with Dish Network for at least a year. There are two catches, first you have to sign a new two-year agreement, and second it requires a credit or debit card to qualify. If you are in our service area, simply give us a call to run you through and see if you qualify at no cost.