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What is the Dish Network Tailgater?

Party with the Tailgater, DISH’s Answer to Portable Satellite Television

You really can watch the game from the parking lot, in the backyard or anywhere you want with portable satellite television. Why go into the stadium when the view’s much better outside, the food and beer is cheaper and you can be as rowdy as you want!

Tailgater Portable Satellite Television

With football season in full swing, it’s time to get the Tailgater™ Portable Satellite TV Antenna that brings the game right to your tailgate party (or to your campsite, park, or any outdoors location). With the DISH Tailgater™, you can enjoy your favorite HD DISH programming anywhere outside you can see the southern sky.  The Tailgater™ is just one of the many ways DISH innovates to let you watch TV when and where you want it. Whether you’re tailgating at your favorite sporting event, camping in the mountains or traveling the country in your RV, the DISH Tailgater™ allows you to watch all your favorite TV programming away from home.

At just ten pounds, the Tailgater™ is the smallest portable satellite dish in on the market today and because it automatically finds satellite positions, you don’t have to adjust it manually. It easily connects to a DISH receiver and your television set allowing you to enjoy your favorite shows, movies and sporting events in HD while you’re away from home.

DISH Technology Receives Recognition

In 2011, the Tailgater™ portable satellite television system was named an International Consumer Electronics Association Honoree for 2012 in Innovations in Design and. At the conference, products created by over 3,000 companies were judged by a panel of world-renowned industrial designers on criteria such as engineering qualities, aesthetic and design qualities, and unique features. This distinguished honor is yet another example of how the industry recognizes DISH’s commitment to providing the most technically advanced, convenient, and affordable satellite TV service in the business. The Tailgater helps prove DISH puts customer satisfaction on top of its list of priorities by constantly striving to make your TV-viewing experience both enjoyable and convenient.

Tailgater Portable Satellite TelevisionHow the DISH Tailgater™ Works

Simply set the tailgater on the ground, connect to your DISH receiver, which needs to be connected to a power source and to your TV and let the Tailgater do the work. It will find the satellite signal automatically and let you watch the same TV you watch at home when you connect your accounts*.

With the Tailgater™, you can opt for a pay-as-you-go plan, requiring you to pay only for the months you use it. When you don’t need it, you simply stop your service with no penalty or cancellation fee. When you want to re-activate Tailgater service, you can do by contacting DISH by phone or log in to your account to reactivate your service. It’s that easy!

With football season almost halfway through, order the DISH Tailgater™ now and start enjoying your favorite teams play in stunning HD while you tailgate. Why ever go into the stadium when DISH brings you the game, allowing you to stay closer to the chicken wings, nachos, and drinks!