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Get 1 Month Free Exede High-Speed Internet Service Through Franklin County REC

Here’s a great way to save a few bucks on your next internet bill. Franklin County REC is offering 1 month free Exeed high-speed internet satellite service to existing customers who sign up a friend for the same great service. What can be better than that?! Just print the coupon, fill it out and bring […]

How to get a free upgrade to HD, DVR or Hopper

One of the biggest complaints we hear is “why do all the new customers get all the good deals?” Well Dish Network hears it too and they are responding. Dish Network is currently running a promotion called Dish it Up. It is meant for existing customers who want to add extra tv’s or upgrade to […]

How does the Dish Network dual tuner work?

I heard your receivers operate two TVs, how does that work?

DISH Network offers receivers that can operate two TVs all from one physical box (receiver). These are called multi-room dual tuners (dual tuners, or duo for short).Both TVs get their own remote control and can be watching separate channels at the same time.The […]

What is the Dish Network Tailgater?

Party with the Tailgater, DISH’s Answer to Portable Satellite Television You really can watch the game from the parking lot, in the backyard or anywhere you want with portable satellite television. Why go into the stadium when the view’s much better outside, the food and beer is cheaper and you can be as rowdy as […]

We now install Exede Satellite internet through the Franklin County REC

Exede Satellite Internet With Exede 12 you can download four times faster than average DSL speeds. This new service, with speeds up to 12 Mbps download and up to 3 Mbps upload, allows you to:

Watch streaming videos, TV, and movies with fewer delays from buffering Share photos remarkably fast Better video chat with less […]

How to repeak your DirecTV dish

To repeak your DirecTV dish: Start by pressing the “MENU” button on your remote. Select “Parental, Fav’s & Setup”. Select “System Setup”. Select “Satellite”. Select “Repeat Satellite Setup”. Enter a – (dash, lower most, left most key on your DirecTV remote). Wait per instructions. Make sure the DirecTV antenna you are using is listed in […]

Programming your Dish Network remote control

The simpliest way is a process called a “power scan.”. The power scan sends EVERY code stored in the remote to the TV trying to turn it off.

Turn your TV on. Hold down the TV mode button on your DISH Network remote until all the other mode buttons light up. Let go of the […]

Satellite TV and Internet Service

Hey world, GreenBelt Satellites has upgraded the website to WordPress (yay). We hope this transition will help us on several fronts – marketing, communication and customer service. Check back to this blog for updates on all sorts of tips and tricks from the experts to get the most out of your dish and satellite services. […]